Product name:KC-109D Multifunction Detector
Product category: Detector
Product characteristics:

Can perform target distance measurement, wall internal structure detection, laser marking, etc.

Product specification:

    ● It integrates wall detection, laser ranging and laser marking
    ● Measurement mode switching: length, area, volume, triangulation height, triangulation width
    ● Detection mode switching: metal, joist, live wire
    ● Laser line: double laser lines perpendicular to each other
    ● The laser line can be turned on through the function button, and the number of lines can be adjusted
    ● Laser line can set the working time
    ● Electronic Horizontal Function: Vertical Mode Horizontal Mode
    ● Backlit LCD color display
    ● Sound indication the detecting result
    ● Automatic turn-off for electricity saving
    ● Battery: 3*AAA
    ● Construction and indoor decoration
    ● Home appliances (such as air conditioners) installation
    ● Structure detecting for wood furniture
    ● Manufacturing doors and windows
    ● Inspection and evaluation of real agent
    ● Garden virescence, fair disposal