Product name:KC-860 Thermal Imaging Camera
Product category: Thermal imager
Product characteristics:

It is convenient to measure the surface temperature of high temperature, mobile, toxic, dangerous charged and difficult to contact objects in real time. It is an ideal tool for diagnosing abnormal temperature points.

Product specification:

    ● 3.5 inch TFT color LCD display
    ● Infrared measurement of measured surface temperature distribution and real-time display
    ● Automatic tracking of the highest and lowest temperatures in the identification area
    ● Support Micro SD (TF) card
    ● Camera and video functions
    ● Photo or video review function
    ● Support USB interface
    ● Image freeze function
    ● Temperature unit switching function
    ● Multiple palettes to choose from
    ● LED lighting function
    ● Support real-time clock, adjustable emissivity
    ● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    ● Real-time battery indicator
    ● Default language: English (can be customized according to customer's 5 languages)
    ● Hand strap buckle
    ● Can set the delay automatic shutdown function
    ● Temperature range:-20℃~650℃(-4℉~+1202℉)
    ● Power equipment maintenance and overhaul
    ● Daily maintenance of HVAC equipment
    ● Transportation industry and car maintenance
    ● Building application
    ● Marine Industry/Agriculture/Mining Excavation
    ● Factory Manufacturing Site Inspection and Equipment Maintenance
    ● National defense field
    ● Petroleum, chemical and smelting fields
    ● Automobile manufacturing
    ● Electronic power manufacturing
    ● New energy environmental protection industries such as LED lighting and photo-voltaic industry
    ● Road traffic, bridge construction, rail traffic