Product name:KC-362B Video Inspection Systems
Product category: Video instrument
Product characteristics:

It can be observed to check places where vision is difficult to reach (such as checking air conditioning ventilation lines and systems, machinery, engines, etc.).

Product specification:
    ● 3.5″high resolution full color LCD display
    ● 300,000-pixel CMOS image sensor with an image resolution of 640 × 480 pixels
    ● Outer diameter of camera head optional :12mm、9mm and 5.5mm
    ● Flexible hose that can be memorized, lens hose waterproof rating IP67
    ● White LED lighting with large viewing angle
    ● LED brightness is adjustable
    ● Image 90 degree rotation function
    ● Image zooming 2 times
    ● The handle part and the display part can be separated and used to transmit image signals wirelessly.
    ● Wireless transceiver frequency is available in four frequency bands
    ● Equipped with a variety of pick-up accessories (magnets, hooks, mirrors, etc.)
    ● Built-in high-capacity polymer lithium battery power supply
    ● With USB charging function
    Widely used in industrial, building, aviation, vehicle maintenance, mining, archaeology, etc., can provide you with flexible observation performance, allowing you to quickly diagnose equipment wear, solder joints, loose parts, etc.