Product name:KC-182C-max infrared thermometer
Product category: Infrared thermometer
Product characteristics:

Used for non-contact measurement and display the surface temperature of objects within a certain distance (such as moving objects, surface charged objects, toxic objects or objects that are difficult to reach, etc.)

Product specification:

    ● Non-contact measuring temperature, safe、rapid and accurate
    ● Laser pointer for accurate target aiming
    ● LCD screen with backlight
    ● Auto hold the data and auto power shut off
    ● Low battery indication
    ● Emissivity: 0.01~0.99 adjustable,step 0.01
    ● Dynamic measuring the real-time temperature
    ● Maximum, minimum, average, difference display
    ● Temperature alarm function
    ● Automatically store 30 sets of data, cycle saving
    ● Transition of ℃/℉ units
    ● 9V battery for power supply
    ● Distance ratio: 16:1
    ● Measurement range: -50℃~+1300℃(-58℉~+2372℉)
    It is widely applied in the metallurgy, the electric power, the automobile, the chemical industry, the rubber, the spinning and weaving, the plastic, the papermaking, the food processing and so on