Product name:KC-340A USB vibration meter
Product category: Data recorder
Product characteristics:

A vibration measuring instrument that measures and records triaxial gravitational acceleration values and provides a history of shock and vibration.

Product specification:
    ● Red and green two-color LED indicates recording status
    ● Record 3 axis gravity acceleration value
    ● Built-in accelerometer to measure static and dynamic acceleration values
    ● Real-time operation
    ● There are normal mode and motion measurement mode
    ● Real-time analysis of FFT frequency
    ● Selectable sampling rate, recorded in manual mode, automatic mode and timing mode
    ● Record threshold user programmable
    ● Comes with EEPROM memory
    ● Automatic tracking of vibration data
    ● Can store about 327,600 groups of data
    ● Data transmission method: USB data transmission
    ● Users can analyze the data through the supporting software and can archive and print
    ● Power supply: 3.6V lithium battery (1/2AA)
    A three-axis gravitational acceleration value can be recorded as well as a history of shock and vibration. It can also be used to detect motion states such as tilt, shock, vibration, etc., helping to achieve a variety of applications in the industrial, medical, communications, consumer electronics and automotive sectors.