Product name:KC-330B USB Sound Level Data Logger
Product category: Data recorder
Product characteristics:

A noise measuring instrument for sound pressure level or sound level measurement or recording analysis of sound.

Product specification:
    ● LCD displays the current sound pressure level
    ● Sound level measurement range: 30~130dB
    ● A/C weighting selection function
    ● FAST/SLOW time weighting selection function
    ● MAX/MIN/AVG display mode
    ● Comes with EEPROM memory
    ● Automatic tracking and recording of temperature and humidity data
    ● Can store about 32000 groups of data
    ● The stored data can be permanently saved for software download before software reconfiguration
    ● Data transmission method: USB data transmission
    ● Set the upper and lower limits of the alarm and the time interval of the recording through the supporting software.
    ● Users can analyze the data through the supporting software, generate graphs and archive and print
    ● Power supply: 3.6V lithium battery (1/2AA)
    It is widely used in various fields such as machine building, architectural design, transportation, environmental protection, medical and health care, and national defense engineering. It automatically measures or records the sound level and automatically records and records the sound level value.