Product name:KC-326A 10 in 1 Multifunction Thermo-Hygrometer
Product category: Environmental measurement
Product characteristics:

The temperature and humidity of the measured environment, atmospheric pressure, moisture content of the wood wall, etc. can be measured in real time.

Product specification:

    ● Built-in multiple sensors 
    ● Can measure various environmental parameters (such as ambient temperature, ambient relative humidity, absolute humidity, dew point temperature, steam pressure, mixing ratio, atmospheric pressure, etc.)
    ● External moisture measuring probe for measuring the moisture of wood wall
    ● Non-contact measurement of moisture content of various building materials
    ● Ambient temperature measurement range: -29℃~+75.0℃ (-20℉~+167℉)
    ● Environmental relative humidity measurement range: 0 to 100%
    ● Ambient humidity measurement range: 0.5~240 g/m3 (mg/L)
    ● Dew point temperature measurement range: -60℃~ +60.0℃ (-76℉~ +140℉)
    ● Ambient air pressure measurement range: 30 ~ 120kPA
    ● Steam pressure measurement range: 0 ~ 20kPA
    ● Large LCD display
    ● Data retention function
    ● Maximum/minimum display function
    ● 20 sets of data manual recording function
    ● Unit conversion function
    ● Low battery prompt function
    ● Auto power off function
    ● One 9V laminated battery power supply
    Real-time measurement of temperature and humidity, atmospheric pressure, moisture content of wood wall, and rapid calculation of dew point temperature, absolute humidity, mixing ratio (GPP), steam pressure, ideal for monitoring food, medical supplies storage, warehouse environment The instrument is also an indispensable tool for home decoration and meteorological environment monitoring.