Product name:KC-188A infrared thermometer
Product category: Infrared thermometer
Product characteristics:

Used for hand-held non-contact measurement of object surface temperature, ambient temperature and relative humidity, ambient air dew point temperature, and sound and light reminders and warnings of mildew in the measured location.

Product specification:

    ● Non-contact real-time measurement of surface temperature of objects, safe, fast and accurate
    ● Optional measurement of infrared surface temperature, ambient temperature, dew point temperature, ambient humidity and other parameters
    ● Laser pattern indicates the measurement area
    ● LCD display with backlight
    ● Red orange green LED, LCD screen display progress bar and beep combination suggest that mold may occur
    ● Infrared emissivity is adjustable in 0.75, 0.85, and 0.95 (default setting is 0.95)
    ● Automatic data retention and automatic shutdown function
    ● Transition of ℃/℉ units
    ● Low battery alert function
    ● 9V laminated battery power supply
    ● Distance ratio: 12:1
    ● Infrared measurement temperature range: -50℃~350℃(-58℉~662℉)
    ● Ambient temperature measurement range: -10℃~+40℃ (14℉~104℉)
    ● Ambient humidity measurement range: 10% to 90%
    It can be used to measure the air temperature, humidity and dew point of the surrounding environment such as shopping malls, carts, warehouses, and living rooms.