Product name:KC-186 Scanning IR Thermometer
Product category: Infrared thermometer
Product characteristics:

It is used for hand-held non-contact measurement of the surface temperature of the object, and can provide sound and light reminding and warning to the phenomenon of heat leakage at the measured location.

Product specification:

● Non-contact real-time measurement of surface temperature of objects, safe, fast and accurate
● Can perform infrared temperature measurement, heat leak check, etc.
● Laser aiming and positioning function
● LCD display with backlight
● Color-changing illuminating board and various sound effect measurement results
● Various temperature difference prompt range setting functions (±0.5℃, ±3.0℃, ±5.5℃)
● Automatic data retention and automatic shutdown function
● Emissivity 0.95
● Transition of ℃/℉ units
● Low battery alert function
● 9V laminated battery power supply
● Distance ratio: 8:1
● Infrared measurement temperature range: -40℃~ 220℃ (-40℉~ 428℉)
Can be widely used in electrical joints, bearing hot spot search, high-frequency heating object measurement, food processing and storage monitoring, temperature inspection in heating and cooling systems, metallurgical industry process control and temperature inspection, asphalt laying, fire protection Temperature inspection during operation, and whether there is temperature leakage in the home confined space and the temperature field is not damaged.