Product name:KC-180B-1 infrared thermometer
Product category: Infrared thermometer
Product characteristics:

Used for non-contact measurement and display the surface temperature of objects within a certain distance (such as moving objects, surface charged objects, toxic objects or objects that are difficult to reach, etc.).

Product specification:

    ● Non-contact measuring temperature, safe、rapid and accurate
    ● Laser pointer for accurate target aiming
    ● LCD screen with backlight
    ● Autosave the pre-set data
    ● Auto hold the data and auto power shut off
    ● Low battery indication
    ● Adjustable emissivity to increse the temperature accuracy
    ● TEK、MAX、MIN、DIF、AVG for selection
    ● Dynamic measuring the real-time temperature, with High/Low alarm function
    ● Transition of ℃/℉ units
    ● 9V battery for power supply
    ● Distance ratio: 12:1
    ● Measurement range: -50℃~650℃(-58℉~1202℉)
    It is widely applied in the metallurgy, the electric power, the automobile, the chemical industry, the rubber, the spinning and weaving, the plastic, the papermaking, the food processing and so on, for example:
    ● Finding the hot spot of electric connection、bearing
    ● Measuring the hot and high-frequency objects
    ● Inspection for food processing and storage
    ● Temperature inspection for heating & refrigeration system
    ● Temperature inspection for technics control of metallurgy industry
    ● Temperature inspection during laying asphalt、fire-control work
    ● Other temperature mesuring, which will not destroy the temperature field