Product name:KC-862A Thermal Imaging Camera
Product category: Thermal imager
Product characteristics:

It is convenient for real-time measurement of surface temperature of high temperature, mobile, toxic, dangerously charged and difficult to contact objects. It is an ideal tool for diagnosing temperature anomalies.

Product specification:

    ● 2.7 inch TFT color LCD display
    ● Infrared measurement of measured surface temperature distribution and real-time display
    ● Automatic tracking of the highest and lowest temperatures in the identification area
    ● Support Micro SD (TF) card
    ● Camera and video functions
    ● Photo or video review function
    ● Support USB interface
    ● Image freeze function
    ● Temperature unit switching function
    ● Adjustable emissivity
    ● Choose from a variety of palettes
    ● Support real-time clock, adjustable emissivity
    ● Built-in rechargeable lithium battery
    ● Real-time battery indicator
    ● Default language: English (can be customized according to customer's 5 languages)
    ● Hand strap buckle
    ● can set the delay automatic shutdown function
    ● Temperature range:-20℃~420℃(-4℉~+788℉)
    ● Power equipment maintenance and overhaul
    ● Daily maintenance of HVAC equipment
    ● Transportation industry and car maintenance
    ● Building application
    ● Marine Industry/Agriculture/Mining Excavation
    ● Factory Manufacturing Site Inspection and Equipment Maintenance
    ● National defense field
    ● Petroleum, chemical and smelting fields
    ● Automobile manufacturing
    ● Electronic power manufacturing
    ● New energy environmental protection industries such as LED lighting and photo-voltaic industry
    ● Road traffic, bridge construction, rail traffic